Syria The Truth is addressed to the english or non arabic speaking individuals to show and explore the truth about the Syrian conflict. Away from the lies and manipulated, fabricated and deformed media .

In “Syria The Truth” you will read articles or see some video clips that will never be published or reported on major western media companies like CNN, BBC, Fox, Wallstreet Jornal, Aljazeerah TV, Alarabiya TV…etc. you will not see it or read it, because they (USA, UK, France , other NATO members, the Oil guards of the gulf: Saudi and Qatari & Emirates rulers) simply don’t want you to know about it (The Truth), they will let you know only what they want you to know, what serves their goals and justify their actions; Do remember the war on Iraq? and all the lies they fabricated and prodcasted and published in order to justify the war on Iraq.
They are trying to do the same now with Syria; but even in more devilish way, they will not send their armies to Syria (because they are bankrupt and because they know that the Syrian Army is one of strongest armies in the Middle East), but they will use their instruments in the area: Al Qauida, and other terrorist groups in order to fight their dirty filthy war against the Syrians. and it is important to mention the support of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey & the radical Islam, in all this. why all of this? because Syria said NO to the USA and NATO, Syria officials said repeatedly that all the decision they will make it will be based on the dignity and well-being and what best serve the Syrian people, not based on the USA and its allies interest.

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