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The War on Syria: Justice Dangles From A Tree

11 May



The Rise of the “Islamic State” (ISIL) Was “A Willful Decision” of the Obama White House: Former DIA Chief.

9 May


Confirmed: Al-Jazeera may screen White Helmets fake chemical attacks

8 May


Whom you trust more, Wikileaks or the Intel US officials? Final poll results!

7 Jan

Whom you trust more, Wikileaks or the Intel US officials?

The Bribe of the Century: EU will Give Assad Money if he Allows Al Qaeda to Rule Over Parts of Syria

6 Dec

By Alex ChristoforouGlobal Research, December 06, 2016

The Duran 5 December 2016

This may very well be the bribe of the century.
Instead of helping EU citizens suffering from years of austerity, poverty and misery, the EU oligarchs ruling in Brussels prefer to give EU cash on hand to Al Qaeda and ISIS Wahhabi terrorists.
Yesterday The Duran reported on EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, issuing a warning that the fall of Aleppo will not end the war in Syria.
The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs was quoted by ITV during a conference in Rome saying…
“I’m convinced the fall of Aleppo will not end the war.”
The Times UK is now reporting that the EU is preparing a sinister offer to Assad, which will be the EU’s special way to “end the war” in Syria, while preserving the huge financial investment the EU globalists committed to funding and training jihadists to overthrow the Assad government.
RT reports on the EU bribe to save Al Qaeda…
The EU is reportedly planning to offer Damascus financial aid in exchange for allowing rebel forces stay in power in some regions of Syria. Brussels is no longer insisting on the retirement of Syrian President Bashar Assad, according to the Times.
The new proposals from the EU were voiced by its foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, at a meeting with opposition leaders two weeks ago, the British newspaper reported. They reflect developments on the ground, as the Syrian Army has scored several victories and is about to take complete control over Aleppo.
A source close to the western-backed Syrian opposition (aka Al Qaeda) told The Times…
“What Mogherini wanted to do was present an EU plan – this is how to solve the conflict.”
“There’s a transition, but the details are vague. In return, if all sides agree and everyone does what the EU says, there’s a huge pot of money.”
RT reports further…
“Political transition” is a term used by all foreign stakeholders in the Syrian conflict to describe an end to hostilities and the forming of a new system of governance in the country, though various parties have vastly different views on what that transition would look like.
The rebels have for years insisted that the transition must include the ousting of Bashar Assad, while their western backers have repeated the mantra “Assad must go.” But the latest European plan no longer mentions the president’s future, the report said.
Brussels now consents to Assad remaining head of the Syrian government, but wants a “devolution of power to Syria’s provinces, which would allow for ‘moderate rebel’ forces to be integrated into local security forces.”
The EU is willing to offer financial aid to both the Syrian government and the rebels to sweeten the deal, the Times said. The report suggested that paying Damascus is preferable to dealing with the continued exodus of Syrian refugees to the EU, which is “contributing to electoral chaos across the continent” and “destroying Europe’s political fabric.”
To summarize. The bankrupt EU is ready to pay Assad money if he gives Al Qaeda autonomy in various parts of Syria.
We are certain that Al Qaeda’s autonomous regions will never try to overthrow the Damascus government. We are also certain that Saudi Arabia, the US, Turkey, and the EU will stop pouring weapons and cash into this Al Qaeda protectorate.
And the real win for the EU…no more migrants pouring into Europe. Mogherini is really onto something here. Its a real win-win for the entire region and continent of Europe (sarcasm folks).
The original source of this article is The Duran

Saudis and Extremism: ‘Both the Arsonists and the Firefighters’

28 Aug

Critics see Saudi Arabia’s export of a rigid strain of Islam as contributing to terrorism, but the kingdom’s influence depends greatly on local conditions.

Newyork Times, By SCOTT SHANEAUG. 25, 2016
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Proof: US and NATO-backed ‘Rebels’ Are NOT Fighting ISIS

18 Aug

The reality, outside of the Washington-London “classified” reality bubble is that these US-NATO-GCC-backed ‘moderate rebels’ (terrorists) have, more or less, the exact same objectives as ISIS,and unless they are fighting over control of money or illicit black markets, their shared collective goal is the overthrow of the Syrian government 
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Washington Task Force Confirms US Intelligence Produced Fake Reports on ISIS to Manipulate Public Opinion

15 Aug

A scathing government task force report released on Thursday, shows that intelligence generated by the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) was deliberately skewed. 

Follow the link below to know more:http://bit.ly/USA-Support-ISIS

That’s Awkward: Why is Washington Cheering al-Qaeda Linked ‘Heroes’ in Aleppo?

14 Aug

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Clinton Behind 2009 Honduras Coup? Emails Show US Warned OAS Head Not to Support Ousted Honduran President Zelaya

31 Jul

By TelesurGlobal Research, July 31, 2016

teleSUR 28 July 2016

Leaked WikiLeaks emails provide a behind-the-scenes look at the negotiations between the State Department, OAS representatives and Honduran coup regime.

Leaked email exchanges between U.S. State Department officials in the days after the 2009 Honduran coup show that U.S. diplomatic staff pressured the head of the Organization of American States, OAS, against actions in support of the country’s ousted president, and even entertained proposals by coup leaders to dialogue without the OAS head or countries that had opposed the ouster.
In a June 5, 2009 email, sent by then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Craig Kelly, he stated he had been in contact with former Honduran president and coup supporter, Roberto Flores, who had a proposal for U.S. diplomats on behalf of the head of the de facto coup government which toppled President Manuel Zelaya.

Zelaya, a left-leaning politician who had initiated some moderate reforms, was forcibly put on a plane by Honduran military leaders and sent to Costa Rica on June 26, 2009. The move came after the country’s predominantly conservative political leaders declared his attempts to hold a non-binding referendum on the country’s constitution as “illegal” and moved to have him removed from office.
“Flores just called me,” Kelly wrote. “Roberto said he has spoken to (Assistant Secretary-General of the OAS Albert) Ramdin to pass along a proposal from (de facto president of Honduras after the coup, Roberto) Micheletti.”
Kelly, who would later be rejected as U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela and is now Senior Director for the Americas for ExxonMobil, briefly outlined the proposal whereby the Honduran Supreme Court and Legislature—both of which had helped orchestrate the coup againt Zelaya—would “dialogue” with the OAS, on the condition that the bloc’s General-Secretary Jorge Insulza not be included.
(The) OAS reps should be working level (i.e. not Insulza) and include reps of willing member states,” Kelly added. “(Micheletti) wondered if (the) U.S. would participate.
In a reply to Kelly’s email, U.S. permanent representative to the OAS, Hector Morales, outlined that leftist presidents from the region including Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, then Paraguayan leader Fernando Lugo, and Ecuador’s Rafael Correa were assembling in neighboring El Salvador in order to support Zelaya’s efforts to return to the country.
“(Zelaya) … will attempt to go to Tegu(cigalpa) and when unsuccessful will then meet the others in San Salvador,” the senior diplomat wrote.
A week after the coup, with violence and repression by the military escalating, U.S. diplomats were pushing against the return of Zelaya to the country, and were concerned about Insulza’s perceived support for the elected president.
On the same day the OAS voted to condemn the coup, assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs, Thomas Shannon reported about “Strong push by key countries, including Mexico and Costa Rica, to try to convince Zelaya not to return today.” However Shannon acknowledged that “Zelaya seems intent on returning,” and that “Insulza feels under an obligation to accompany (Zelaya)” on the planned return flight.
“I told Insulza that he should not go and that neither the (OAS General Assembly) nor (the Permanent Council) gave him the mandate for this trip,” Morales wrote in a separate email string that Shannon was also on.
Despite internal council to take hard measures against the coup regime, Hillary Clinton’s State Department pushed for a negotiation with the “de facto” leaders—with critics arguing Clinton worked to legitimize the coup. These negotiations helped solidify a deal in October between Honduras’ constitutional government and the coup regime.
“Throughout the crisis we we worked closely with the OAS and friends in the region,” Kelly wrote in an email dated Oct. 30, 2009.
After extensive U.S. lobbying to get other OAS states on board, the final agreement helped orchestrate elections that were widely seen as a farce, including a lack of monitors from international institutions, a media blackout and targeted assassinations of anti-coup leaders ahead of the polls.
A few weeks later, in an email dated Nov. 18, 2009, sent by former United States Ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens, it was revealed that in a private conversation held between Llorens, Kelly and Michelliti, Kelly had confessed to the de facto president that “the Honduran crisis had exposed the U.S. and complicated our Latin America policy.”
The leaked emails were posted by the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks last March as part of an online database that includes over 30,000 emails and email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State.
The original source of this article is teleSUR

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