People tend to ask what you can do for Palestine and the children of Gaza?

23 Jul


There is a cool app called Buycott. It’s easy to use and available for free for both android and iPhone.

It allows you to choose a campaign that you support (Free Palestine, Boycott Israel, etc.) and next time you’re shopping, you can use the app to scan barcodes of products and it’ll instantly tell you if that particular manufacturer has any ties with, supports, donates to, or does business with Israel. Maybe this is all we need to make a little bit of a difference and affect major companies by hurting their sales.
I encourage you all to download and try to use it often. Try to spread the word. Maybe we can make a difference.

For Android

For Apple iOS

People tend to ask what we can do for Palestine… This is in general very good.. And will help with avoiding Israeli products
Boycotting is something we should take seriously.. It has worked in the past.. And it will always work… No one likes their pocket to get hurt
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