The REAL Reason Israel attacked Syria

7 May

On Friday May 3rd, 2013, Israel Launched an Air strike on a Syrian convoy followed by a second attack on Sunday May 5th which targeted the Scientific Studies and Research Centre in Jamraya near the Syrian capital of Damascus. The total number of deaths and injuries is still unclear at this point. Israeli officials were silent in regards to the strikes until Syria issued a public statement to United Nations confirming the attacks, condemning them as an act of war and asserting their right to retaliate. This is the second time this year that Israel has initiated unprovoked attacks on Syria.

So what’s really going on here? Why on earth would Israel do something like this?

The first thing to be aware of is that these recent moves against Syria are actually indirect attacks on Iran. Syria and Iran are bound by a mutual defense treaty, and any large scale war that breaks out with either one will most likely draw in the other. Likewise any moves made by Israel can and will be interpreted as a move by the United States because if Israel gets involved in a direct conflict with Iran the United States will join the fight. This is not just an assumption, on April 17th 2013 the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to endorse Resolution 65, which affirmed that the U.S. will fully back Israel militarily and financially should it attack Iran. This is very serious considering that Israel has openly indicated its desire to use military force against Iran on numerous occasions.

Now this aggression by Israel comes right on the heals of accusations by the U.S. government that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against its own population and that this constituted a quote red line that may justify military intervention. Just days later the Obama administration mysteriously backed down from these claims and the mainstream media went silent. Now we know why. As it turns out a U.N. investigation into the matter revealed that it was actually the NATO backed rebels which used sarin gas in the conflict, not the Syrian government. This is more than just an embarrassing mixup, there is evidence that the event was set up to frame the Syrian government and to create the pretext for U.S. military involvement.

In January of this year leaked documents from a UK-based defense contractor revealed a proposal by Qatar to have the firm to provide false evidence that Syria had given the go-ahead for the use of chemical weapons in the country. In the documents they claim that the plan had full approval from Washington. If this is in fact what happened, what is shocking here in their attempt to frame the Syrian government NATO has actually facilitated the use of chemical weapons on a civilian population. This is a war crime by any measure

Now of course after Syria went public about the airstrikes Israel was forced to put forth an official justification, and they are now claiming that that these attacks targeted a shipment of missiles headed for Hezbollah in Lebanon.
However some analyst believe that the real motive was to derail Syria’s recent progress in their fight against foreign militants who have been entering the country from Lebanon. Hezbollah, which is the most powerful military force in Lebanon has sided with President Assad’s government in what they say is a war against foreign backed terrorists, and on May 1rst they indicated that they may directly intervene in the conflict.

Russia has also taken the side of the Syrian governmen repeatedly calling for an end to external interference and warning that U.S. plans to increase material support to the rebels could have grave consequences. Among these consequences Russia has specifically indicated the risk of thermonuclear war. China has issue similar warnings.

As in most of the major events we see unfolding right now the real motives have nothing to do with the official justifications given by the government and the mainstream media. This has nothing to do with protecting the Syrian people, this much should be clear by the simple fact that NATO has backed these insurgents in spite of numerous atrocities and is covering for them now even when they used chemical weapons. Nor is this is this about Iran attempting to build a nuke. Both the Mossad and the CIA have stated that Iran has yet to even DECIDE to build nuclear weapon much less actually start.

What this really comes down to is the fact that Iran is sitting on the world’s 3rd largest oil reserves, and is not cooperating with the U.S. and NATO agenda in that region. These attacks all with one goal in mind, to topple Syria and to draw Iran into an open confrontation which would give the U.S. and NATO the pretext for an outright invasion and make no mistake, that’s what they want.

If you want to learn more about this topic please watch the “The Road to World War 3”

Now how this crisis will play out is impossible to predict. Human decisions are what will determine how far this escalates. As of yet Iran and Syria have exercised considerable restraint in the face of these attacks though it is uncertain how long they can afford to do so. If this kind of aggression continues there will be a breaking point.

The reality is that the real powers that be are intent on taking down Iran and Syria, and they are willing to go to any lengths including outright deception to make it happen, however they can only do this as long as they have full control of the U.S. military, and this is their achilles heal, and if you want to influence the outcome of this situation this is where you need to strike. As American citizens you have access to U.S. military personnel. You can write letters to soldiers, you can send them videos, you can post in military forums, and if you live in a town with a military base you can post posters and hand out flyers. If this is too much for you then simply working to spread this message via facebook and twitter is a good start. All of this may seem like a long shot, but if even one high level officer speaks out against plans to go to war with Iran it could have ripple effect that prevents this from moving forward. It may be that you don’t know anyone in the military directly, however if you make concerted effort to reach out to as many people as possible you increase the chances that this information will reach someone one who does know someone., but regardless of our chances we have to try. A lot of innocent people are going to die if we fail. Sitting back and doing nothing is morally unacceptable.

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