Syrian National Council Crumbles as Assad Warns Again Against Foreign Meddling

26 Sep

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.        September 21, 2012

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PressTV has interviewed Mr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian from Washington about the Syrian crisis. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: About President Assad setting a neutral tone as far as Lakhdar Brahimi’s mission goes. Do you believe that that is telling as far as the experience gained from the mission of the previous UN Arab League envoy?

Tarpley: Well, the experience with Kofi Annan of course was a great disappointment although it was clear from the very beginning that Kofi Annan was an imperialist operative, a kind of a British imperial civil servant who would not really be able to bring any positive outcome because he was not willing to condemn the aggressors.

And the aggressors in this case means NATO, the United States, the British, the Israelis, the death squads that they had deployed; Saudi Arabia, Qatar… we had been paying for these forces and really Kofi Annan didn’t have a moral equivalency, he had a playing field that was slanted in favor of the forces that I just said.

I would point out that the stance of Assad has been fundamentally conciliatory from the beginning. Let’s not forget that in February there was a referendum, which abolished the monopoly of the Baath Party of President Assad. So now there is an open political field. And then there were elections in May, which were the freest that Syria has ever had. The US State Department didn’t like them said they were bordering on the ridiculous. But you now have opposition forces: you’ve got 170 from the Baath Party and its allies, which are Communists, nationalists, all kinds of different people; you have about 70 or 80 people who are non-Partisan they’re not representing any party; and then there are a few that are actually in an opposition front – 5 or 6 in that group. So it is politically open.

The secret of course is that the paymasters of the Syrian National Council don’t want a peaceful solution, that’s not what they’re getting paid for. The goal is to have a pretext to attack; to have a pretext to intervene. And if you have a peaceful solution that would be good for the people of Syria, but not good for the imperialists who insist on destroying Syria because it would weaken Iran, it would weaken Hezbollah, it would shift the strategic situation in the Middle East. So there it is.

Press TV: Are you saying at this point there is not much of a chance for a dialogue being held between the Syrian government and not only the national opposition, but this external opposition if I may call it that?

Tarpley: There is an internal, national, peaceful reasonable opposition.

The outside opposition I think is hopeless and it’s not just me – Remember, Ghalioun was the head of the Syrian National Council then they ousted him. Their meetings generally generate into brawls. They just had Basma Kodmani who represented the Syrian National Council at the Bilderburger Group here near Washington at the beginning of June – She’s quit her post as the spokes person for the Syrian National Council. So they are constantly falling apart.

The only thing that keeps them together is the money they get from the Saudis and the backing that they get from NATO on the Diplomatic front. So not much chance of a dialogue with them.



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